EA Misspells Name Of Madden NFL 09 Cover Athlete

| 13 Aug 2008 16:35

EA Sports has opened itself up to yet more giggling and finger-pointing by misspelling the name of Brett Favre in the collector's edition of Madden NFL 09 - a game which features Brett Favre on the cover.

In the game, Favre's name is spelled "Farve," matching the phonetic pronunciation but not the correct spelling. The misspelling is bad enough considering Favre's high profile as an NFL player, but especially egregious because he's the cover athlete on EA's latest addition to the Madden NFL franchise.

I'm not a huge football fan, and even less a Madden NFL fan, but I find it difficult to imagine how a error like this could get past EA quality control. Brett Favre is one of the most recognized and respected quarterbacks in NFL history, and the idea that such an obvious mistake could make its way through the entirety of the development process without being caught is mind-boggling. If this is how he runs his business, it's a wonder Peter Moore didn't end up sporting a tattoo saying "hello" in Spanish.

EA has not commented on the issue, and there is no word yet whether the company will issue an update to change the name to the correct spelling.

Source: Kotaku

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