Ubisoft: Europe More Important Than USA

| 28 Aug 2008 12:59

A relatively strong currency and easier accessibility has grown Ubisoft's business in Europe to more than that of its US operations.

With 40 percent of Europeans ages 16 to 49 playing games for a stunning six hours a week, their money would have to make an impact on the bottom line for game companies.

Ubisoft Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot has declared that his company's European operations have become the more important markets.

"First, our money - the pound or the euro - is very strong and because of that the turnover from those countries is heavier than they used to be," he explained to at the Leipzig Games Convention. "So for Ubisoft turnover Europe is actually more important than the US now, and by more than 5 per cent. It's become a very strong market for us."

Game companies have spent more time targeting their games for foreign customers. Guillemot noted, "Because of the volumes it's becoming more and more important to localise - and not only to localise the language but also to make sure that the product will be closer to the mentality of that country."

He explained how increased distribution has boosted the European marketplace. "I think there are lots of customers that want to play - because in Europe we love to play - the only problem we had was that the games were becoming more and more difficult to play," he said. "Now that there's more accessibility, some accessories that are helping people to have fun, I think this market has no limit in the growth it can have if we can make sure that the people that are coming in are staying."

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