Get Your Religious Rock On

| 29 Aug 2008 16:38

A Christian Guitar Hero clone is coming September 25.

Guitar Praise: Solid Rock, produced by Christian entertainment company Digital Praise, is set to include 52 "inspirational and pulsating tracks" from Christian rock bands Flyleaf, Petra, Whitecross, Newsboys, Skillet and more.

"People love the console guitar games on the market, but many would like more family-friendly songs and graphics," said Digital Praise Chief Executive Officer Tom Bean. "Guitar Praise gives kids, families and youth groups the play features they like best, plus some new twists as well as the best Christian rock titles out there today."

The game features two player compatibility for both guitar and bass much like the Guitar Hero franchise. Also borrowed from the series is the PowerDuel mode where competing guitarists throw "surprises" at each other to affect the performance.

The game package costs $99.99, including a wireless guitar compatible for both Windows and Mac operating system. Additional guitars can be ordered for $69.95.

And to all you Christian would-be rock stars, don't worry about failing because the onscreen band members stop playing to give you a break when you slip before continuing to hail their high-voltage hymns.

Source: GameDaily

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