Capcom Reveals Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition

| 5 Dec 2008 15:47

The special package will include limited edition figurines, a bonus anime movie, and some exclusive DLC, Capcom Europe announced today.

Housed in what looks like a fairly large package, the Collector's Edition features an abundance of Street Fighter goodies, the most interesting of which is the promise of "exclusive downloadable content". For people more into plastic than polygons, however, there are the two action figurines of classic fighter Ryu and newcomer Crimson Viper, which are posed in the rear side of the box battling it out in the game's "Chinese downtown" stage. Also included are a bonus disc containing a feature-length Street Fighter anime movie and a collection of trailers, and a comic book / strategy guide.

The Collector's Edition, unlike the Resident Evil 5 release, is the same for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Also, though the announcement was made by Capcom Europe for European markets, one can assume that the US Collector's Edition will be similar. No pricing was announced, though GameStop is listing both versions at $79.99.

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