Intel Offers Free Far Cry 2 Missions

| 10 Dec 2008 14:02

PC gamers can extend their first-person shooter romp through war-torn Africa by several hours with Intel's free downloadable mission packs.

For players who have yet to get their complete fill of Far Cry 2 and crave even more content, Intel is offering two free downloadable missions for the PC version of the game that provide three hours of additional of intense gameplay. The two missions tie into the game's plot and were created in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal. Though it's clearly a bid to hock Intel chips, this is one advertizing scheme that's actually useful to players.

Once downloaded to your PC, you'll have to track down "The Morrocan" located in a heavily guarded region of the Leboa-Sako territory in the first mission. Completing that objective will then unlock access to the second mission: "The American." The latter sends you after an American (go figure). These are the first two of six total add-on missions that will eventually be available. Also, beating the first six will unlock a seventh. Not too shabby for folks looking for some freebie extras.

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