Microsoft Working On a Zune Phone?

| 11 Dec 2008 15:00

Mutterings suggest Microsoft may be announcing a new Zune phone at CES.

Speculation abounds around the 'net over which gadget Microsoft will reveal at the Consumer Electronics Show, January 7th 2009; rumors have been buzzing for weeks now with some posters slating the phone before it's even been announced.

Fueling rumors of an impending Zune phone is the fact that Microsoft seems to have joined up with Nvidia to use the new Tegra chip, which is set to work on mobiles, MP3 players and sat navs. Nvidia has been very cagey about using it with Linux - a possible sign that Microsoft is involved.

The only product known about at this time is "Project Pink", a shadowy title that has something to do with Danger Inc., which Microsoft acquired earlier this year. So with "Project Pink", it's either trying to rob a bank, or it is bringing out a competitor to the Iphone - at least that's the rumor.

CEO Steve Ballmer will be stepping out to address the Consumer Electronics Show, in a keynote usually delivered by our old pal Bill Gates. Traditionally, Microsoft has revealed one or more new products during this keynote.

Source : Silent D

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