Uwe Boll Gets His Own Film Festival

| 17 Dec 2008 14:55

Big fan of "Bloodrayne?" What about "Alone in the Dark" or "Postal?" Do you live in LA? You have no excuse not to go to the Uwe Boll Film Festival.

Taking place today and tomorrow at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles, the Uwe Boll Film Festival honors the legacy of the German director responsible for "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" and who once told his critics to "put up or shut up" and literally beat one of them into a pulp in a boxing ring. The retrospective for the "notorious director" will feature screenings of several Boll classics, including "Alone in the Dark" and "Postal" as well as hosting premieres for both the "Far Cry" movie and Boll's latest original flick, a Vietnam War flick called "Tunnel Rats," which is also being made into a game.

And before you say this whole thing is a big joke, Boll himself will be in attendance for the premieres of "Far Cry" and "Tunnel Rats" and will take part in Q&A sessions that are sure to be entertaining. If it's a joke, Boll must be in on it.

Tickets will run for $5 per film, $10 for premieres, $15 for a day pass or $25 for a two-day all-access pass. More information here. Christmas is coming early this year, fellows.

[Via Game|Life]

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