UK Pre-Order Bonuses For Dawn of War 2 Announced

| 20 Dec 2008 15:42

Looking forward to Dawn of War 2, but one chapter of Space Marines not enough for you? Well, if you pre-order the special edition, and live in the UK, you can get a whole new chapter to fight Orks, Eldar and Tyranids with.

The Devastator Wargear Set, available exclusively from GAME, includes new armor and weapons for squad leader Avitus's team of Devastator Marines, as well as access to the Novamarines Chapter and four exclusive army painter colors.

The Sniper Wargear Set, available from HMV, similarly equips Cyrus's scout squad, as well as another four exclusive army painter colors and access to the Angels of Redemption Chapter.

THQ will announce two more packs in the new year, no doubt in plenty of time to get your pre-orders in before the game is released in late February, 2009.

Source: Video Gamer

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