Security Tech of the Future Like Minority Report

| 2 Jan 2009 13:27

It might not be telepathic, but the security checkpoints of the future will be able to predict what people will be planning on doing before they actually do it.

For all that it might be necessary, going through security screening at an airport can be a real pain in the neck - especially if it's a busy day. Those days will eventually come to an end, reports TechFragments, with the development of new security technology that can effectively predict one's actions before it happens.

The system, dubbed FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology,) uses incredibly precise cameras to track minute variations in things such as the rate someone blinks, their pupil size, where they're looking, and so on. Combined with a laser system that tracks heart rate and respiration, and a thermal camera that monitors one's body temperature, FAST has already demonstrated promise even in the early stages of development. Back in September, a Homeland Security test of the system found that out of 140 subjects, FAST could accurately determine hostile intent with a 78% detection rate, and an 80% detection rate for intent to deceive.

The numbers aren't high enough to put FAST into the field right away, but for such an early stage in the project's lifetime, the technology certainly is impressive.

Still, is the convenience of just walking quickly through a security checkpoint worth any potential ambiguity in the system - whether catching innocent people or letting dangerous ones slip through the cracks?

What do you all think?

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