Psychonauts Wiki Invades Internet, Gamers Minds

| 5 Jan 2009 09:15

Developer Double Fine hasn't promised a Psychonauts 2, but fans of the brainy platformer may continue to live in the minds of its developers through an official wiki.

The Psycho-pedia is a Double Fine-led effort to support the active Psychonauts online. Its goal is "to have the most knowledgeable fans help in the process of filling up the Psycho-pedia with excellent Psychonauts information and facts before releasing the Psycho-pedia to the rest of the world."

Registrants at the site will be helping the team compile as complete a Psychonauts resource as the internet can build by contributing articles and information from the game and its lore that even the development team may have forgotten. Double Fine is asking for any fan art, music, costumes or any game-related pictures users might have to add to the Psycho-pedia database.

First released in April, 2005, Psychonauts has managed to maintain a cult following through its re-releases in bargain bins and as one of the few games Yahtzee didn't completely hate.

Media submissions for the Psycho-pedia can be emailed to [email protected].

Source: Joystiq

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