Stan Lee to Pen Thor #600

| 9 Jan 2009 03:30

Mistaken art thee who think this be the true 600th issue, but nevertheless, Stan "The Man" Lee is taking time out to write a tale for the hero of Asgard.

Greetings, true believers! Long before Stan Lee was being mistaken as Hugh Hefner by Tony Stark or caught drinking radioactive guava juice (in case you missed it), he was paired up with legendary artist Jack Kirby and the two of them created some of the most memorable comic book heroes this universe and those parallel to it had ever seen. One of those marvels was the wielder of the mystical Mjolnir, the mighty Thor, who debuted back in 1962.

Having done the math (more on that in a bit), current Thor editor Warren Simons wished to do something special for what could be a 600th issue anniversary for the Norse god, so he called up the comic book icon to see if he would do the honor.

"How can you say no to something like that? I guess all the other writers were busy," joked Lee in an interview with Marvel. When asked about the plot regarding issue #600, he reveals that it may harken back to one of his older origin stories. "[Thor] decides, enough of all this fighting up in Asgard and so forth, he'd like to come to Earth and just be a -- remember he used to be a doctor? In the beginning, he was a doctor here on Earth, he was lame, he walked with a cane. And then he would tap the cane on the ground and it would turn into the hammer of Thor and off he would go up into Asgard. I figured that after all these years and decades of fighting up in Asgard, fighting Loki and Storm Giants and whatever monsters we could cook up, maybe he'd like to get back to Earth and just be a doctor again. Lead a nice, quiet life."

While Thor is currently enjoying a fantastic run under the careful hands of J. Michael Straczynski and Oliver Coipel, this third volume is currently only at 12 issues in length. The 600 number comes from the combination of his first appearance (Journey into Mystery #83-125), subsequent continuation in his first headlining series (The Mighty Thor Vol.1 #126-502), second volume (The Mighty Thor Vol.2 #1-85) and of course, the current 12 issue run. By the bristling beard of Odin, this be very confusing. Thor #600 checks in at 104 pages and will be available on February 11.

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