Four New Spore Games Coming This Year

| 22 Jan 2009 10:10

Will Wright is making good on his promise that Spore isn't just game, it's a franchise; four new titles are due out this year.

According to senior producer Morgan Roarty, the Spore party will start with ye olde expansion pack, Spore:Galactic Adventures (pictured). Offering a "deeper variety of gameplay," the expansion will take place in Spore's space stage and feature a large quantity of content made by the Spore community. May as well just call it Penismonster Adventures and be done with it.

Roarty described Spore: Creature Keeper, a PC title aimed at the younger crowd, as being "like a mini-Sims game." Players will have to tend to a newborn creature in much the same way you have to tend to your Sims, by feeding it, keeping it clean, and suchlike. No word on whether you'll be able to torture them by walling them in or taking the ladder out of the pool, however.

The last two Spore titles, which are earmarked for the Wii and DS, are being developed outside of Maxis. Roarty didn't share many details about Spore: Hero and Spore: Hero Arena, except that Hero will be an avatar-based adventure game. Which could mean just about anything. Personally, I think the game's emphasis on creature creation, combined with the "Arena" in the title, smacks of something Pokemon-esque, but I'm just guessing.

No release date schedule was provided, but expect to see the two PC titles before the pair for the Nintendo platforms.

Source: CVG

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