THQ Is Both Closed And Open

| 29 Jan 2009 17:00

Despite the free beta release of Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2, people are saying THQ is closing. They're also saying that it's not.

Things kicked off earlier today when website N-Europe ran a story headlined: "THQ to announce closure." According to N-Europe's source, THQ's staff had been informed of the company's imminent closure this morning.

However, a THQ representative contacted Video Gamer to issue the following statement: "Today, we advised our staff of a restructuring of our wireless subsidiary in Europe. That's all that has happened. The remainder of the Woking-based THQ operation were unaffected by this restructure in the wireless subsidiary."

Given the current economic climate, one has to forgive N-Europe for jumping the gun a bit. The bottom line is Dawn of War, Wrestlemania and 50 Cent are all safe.

Good thing too, we'd all hate 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand to go down without a fight.

Source: Videogamer

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