"Predator" Reboot Helmed by Robert Rodriguez?

| 29 Jan 2009 19:46

Emotions fly as rumors peg the "Sin City" director to be producing the bromantic remake for 20th Century Fox.

The seemingly never ending horde of movie remakes and reboots shows no sign of slowing down in 2009, with the resurrections of "Friday the 13th," "Star Trek," "GI Joe," and "Land of the Lost" being only a small indication of what's to come. We could very well be adding the Schwarzenegger classic, "Predator," to that list as a rumor stemming from Bloody Disgusting has 20th Century Fox gearing up to bring the ugly you-know-what back to the big screen.

According to BD Horror News, there is currently no writer or script attached to the project, but Robert Rodriguez and his production company, Troublemaker Studios, are said to be behind it. While devoted fans of the 1987 Oscar-nominated favorite are already throwing themselves into a tizzy over the idea of someone recreating a film that, by all accounts, is most likely impossible to recreate, its the current pitch that is sending some folks past the boiling point.

"In the reboot a team of commandoes [sic] face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."

In the original film, Arnold Schwarzenegger along with Carl Weathers and company find themselves hunted by a single one of these mysterious, vicious monsters. The Si-Fi bloggers over at io9 have an excellent summary of the nerd rage that, in the face of current ("Transformers") and upcoming ("GI Joe") tragedies, is well warranted. Should "Predator" find its way back to the cinema, one can only hope that we'll be saying, "Fox, you son of a bitch," but in a totally non-angry, complimentary way.

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