The Worst (Or Best?) Game Title of 2009

| 30 Jan 2009 17:10

We're not pulling your leg: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

Dejobaan Games clearly wants your attention. What better way to do it than with an absurdly long string of the same letter with seemingly random CAPS thrown in for good measure. Hey, why not just throw in a verobse subtitle, too? Admittedly, they're not just being wacky for the sake of it or to get your attention. The title, which we're informed can be shortened simply to Aaaaa!, is certainly fitting for the game, which sounds like a completely ridiculous take on base jumping.

"In Aaaaa!, you gain points by swooping past buildings and terrain as close as you can, while going as fast as you can," Dejooban writes. You get bonus points for giving spectators a thumbs up as you fly past them. Same if you decide to flip them the bird (yep, that's the way for me). As you fall from the sky in first-person, you have to maneuver your jumper through different highlighted areas that correspond to different point values. At some points, you don't just fly next to a building, you fly through a building, falling through the skylight and then through a set of conveniently-placed open spaces. It looks completely ridiculous. "By suspending reality just a little, this new game makes real-world BASE jumpers look like kids bouncing on a trampoline," Deejoban said in the press release.

Music will apparently figure strongly into the gameplay. "We're certain that the soundtrack really does change how players play a level," Deejoban said. "Do you believe the game's developers when they tell you that listening to your Enya CD will relax you and help you coast with more control... or should you just put on Limp Bizkit and throw caution to the wind?"

Aaaaah! will be released later this year on the PC. It'll require a current version of Windows, a 1.5 Ghz processor, 1 GB of system memory, a 3D card with 128 MB memory and Direct X 9.0. Check out some video footage here. I cannot wait to see the box art.

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