Microsoft Debuts Halo Wars: Universe Expanded Video Series

| 26 Feb 2009 17:46

Microsoft has announced a new series of videos based on the Halo franchise that will offer new insight into the epic conflict between humanity and the Covenant.

Halo Wars: Universe Expanded will be a three-part series that examines the entirety of the Halo story, including not just Halo Wars but the three preceding FPS titles as well. The videos will feature input from the series creators as well as critics as "the franchise's biggest fans," and will show why Halo Wars "is such an important chapter in the Halo timeline."

The first video focuses on the story and art elements in Halo and how they've been translated to Halo Wars. The first video in the series is available for download now via the Xbox Live Marketplace, with the next parts set to follow in the first week of March. Halo Wars is set for release in Europe tomorrow, with a North American launch coming on March 3. To learn more, check out

Source: VG247

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