BBFC Wants Less Sex (And Wangs) In Games

| 27 Feb 2009 16:42

While MSNBC is cheering for more intercourse in games, the British Board of Film Classification wants less.

The BBFC, well known for its not-quite-impartial view on films like Rebel Without a Cause(cut in order to reduce the "possibility of teenage rebellion"), has warned Sky News that sexual content in videogames is on the rise.

"On the whole, sexual activity in games is nowhere near as common as violence, but it is becoming more common," said board member Sue Clark. According to the BBFC, 74% of British parents want an independent review board to rate games, while 79% of them believe games can affect the minds of children.

The reasoning behind this? According to Clark, "If you've got a film with one (swear word) in it, you'll hear that word once, but in a game you can go back and play that bit again and again."

Apparently Ms. Clark has never heard of the "rewind" button.

Source: Destructoid

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