Street Fighter IV On PC In Summer?

| 27 Feb 2009 19:24

Sounds like PC gamers will be getting their hands on some street fighting come summertime, and might be getting a nice little bonus bundled in along with it, too.

Though console gamers have been soaking in the fireballs and dragon uppercuts and battling hordes of braindead Ken players online, the PC faithful have been left in the cold for their fill of virtual chopsocky. Well, it sounds like we'll all be watching baseball (or whatever your preferred summer sport is) and soaking in the sun by the time SFIV hits the PC.

Asked by VideoGamer when SFIV will arrive on personal computing stations, Capcom vice president of business development and strategic planning Christian Svennson replied: "Let's say summer."

Okay, that's descriptive enough. One nice little extra, though. You know those Mad Catz peripherals that shipped with the game, the fancy arcade sticks with authentic arcade parts that are literally impossible to find in stock? "We rolled out our Mad Catz sticks and pads, and the interesting thing to note about all of those sticks and pads is they all work with PC as well," Svensson said. "We may, and I'm in talks with Mad Catz to figure out how can we actually do some bundles of pads and Street Fighter IV PC."

That'd be nice. Though Svensson only mentions the pads, I can't imagine that they'd want to bundle too many copies of the PC game with gigantic arcade sticks. The pads would work fine, especially since I can't really do 360 degree motions on my keyboard too well.

Svensson's British counterparts at Capcom UK, however, weren't nearly as forthcoming. "We have not yet announced a specific date for SFIV PC," they told VG247. "Nor have we announced the exact details of what the game will comprise of."

I guess Svensson was just so excited over how well SFIV's doing that he decided to let slip a few fun facts. It definitely sounds like he's pretty darn happy. "I don't want to make an outrageous statement that I can't back up," he said about SFIV's brisk sales. "When we can back it up I'll make an outrageous statement. It's on track to do some pretty amazing things. I'll say that."

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