Legends of Zork Is Not an MMOG

| 9 Mar 2009 17:45

Jolt Online has announced that Legends of Zork, the upcoming browser based "casual MMOG" set in the Great Underground Empire, is now in beta and is not, in fact, an MMOG at all.

When it was announced in mid-January, Legends of Zork was described by the development team as a "casual MMO game" that could be played through any web browser, anywhere. "Anyone who plays MMOs will definitely like to spend some time with Legends of Zork while they're taking a break or browsing around the web," Jolt Online Gaming CEO Dylan Collins said in the announcement. "It's very addictive."

But in the first Legends of Zork update email, Collins clarified that the game is not in fact an MMOG at all. "I really want to set expectations correctly," he wrote. "LoZ is a casual adventure game. We've designed it to be the kind of game that sneaks into your soul and steals about 20 minutes of your time each day. It's not an MMO."

It is, however, now in beta, and the developers say they'd like to increase the number of beta testers on the game to give it a proper workout. If you'd like to toss your name in the ring you can do so at, where more details about the game will be revealed over the next few days. Just remember: It's not an MMOG.

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