Midway Teasing "Awesome" Game

| 19 Mar 2009 16:00

Embattled Mortal Kombat house Midway isn't going down without a fight, teasing "a sweet new demo" of a supposedly "awesome" early-development game.

Midway has been making headlines lately, only not exactly the good kind. However, the troubled Mortal Kombat publisher isn't content to just go quietly into that dark night.

The viral power of Twitter is something that companies are growing more and more cognizant of every day - at least, when they're not having their games leaked via the service. In a not-completely-subtle bit of self-promotion, Midway's community manager Tweeted: "A sweet new demo of an early-stage game just arrived in my office. Color me excited."

Upon further poking, a source within Midway confirmed the existence of an unannounced title that they went on to call "awesome," and that people should keep their eyes and ears open for further news.

What's this? A company confidently promoting a hot new title that they haven't announced yet? Shocking! What a mad, mad world we live in, eh?

In all seriousness, let's take their words at face value here - supposing that this aforementioned unannounced project is, indeed "awesome." A big hit could be a literal lifesaver for Midway, putting some badly-needed capital into their tanks and restoring faith in a publishing house that has been anything but worthy of one's confidence lately. That's a big if, though - developing a game is an expensive prospect. Even if this could be the next big thing, what's to say that they'll be afloat long enough to get the job done?

(Via CVG)

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