Windows 7 RC in May?

| 27 Mar 2009 13:35

A prematurely activated download page for the Windows 7 Release Candidate revealed that the full RC would be available for download this May.

Previously, there had been rumors that the Release Candidate for Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system would be available on April 10th. Said rumor was either simply a month off the mark ... or, perhaps there was just a delay on Microsoft's part - because we now know that the Windows 7 RC will be available in May 2009.

Apparently, someone pressed the shiny red button a little too soon - the TechNet download page, which formerly linked to the Windows 7 Beta download, was updated to list the RC download earlier this morning.

Said page has since been reverted to the normal Beta page, but you can see all the Windows 7 RC data - as well as a screenshot of the prematurely-updated page - over on ArsTechnica.

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