New Dragon Age Screens Are Soaked In Blood

| 8 Jul 2009 15:13

If you were worried that Dragon Age: Origins isn't going to be earning its M rating, you haven't seen these screenshots yet.


Dragon Age might take place in a fantasy world, but judging from these screenshots, it looks like it takes more after Gears of War than Lord of the Rings. I mean, not even Gears with its exultant, post-chainsaw-kill showers of blood could boast the kind of detailed splattering Origins has got going on here. If you had any doubts about the pedigree of this game's M rating or its claim to a "dark fantasy" aesthetic, well, consider those doubts put to rest.


Notice the blood on the sword, the blood running down the back of the hero's armor. Also notice how the only thing not covered in blood is his hair. Because whether you're battling an ogre or an ogre or a sloth demon (featured below), looking good is a number one priority.


Click through each image to see the screens in full, but be warned - they aren't exactly for the squeamish.

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