Ride With Tony Hawk on November 17th

| 10 Aug 2009 15:15

The unholy fusion of the Tony Hawk series with the Wii Fit concept will skate into stores on November 17th in the States.

Tony Hawk: Ride, the game that attempts to recreate the fun of actually skateboarding (minus the broken bones bit - we hope) in the same way that Guitar Hero attempts to recreate the fun of actually being on stage at a rock concert, will be shipping to retailers November 17th in the United States, and in the U.K. and Germany on November 20th.

Ride, which lets players skate on a skateboard-esque peripheral - also known as a platform, seeing as how it raises you about an inch off the ground - will be retailing for a cool $120. A bit steep, but considering you'll likely be using the skateboard for Tony Hawk: Ride 2 through Tony Hawk: Ride 10, maybe not as bad a deal as it initially seems.

If you're in Germany for whatever reason (like, say, you live there) Tony Hawk: Ride will be present at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany from August 19 to August 23.

Ride will be released on all three current-gen consoles.

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