Blizzard: All Three StarCraft 2 Titles Will Be "Unique"

| 25 Aug 2009 13:48

StarCraft 2 Art Director Sam Didier says Blizzard has a few tricks up its sleeve to help keep the game "fresh" despite the fact that it's going to be spread out across three separate titles.

Games today tend to be shorter than they were a decade ago but even so, when you put three of them together for one big, Voltron-like release, you end up staring an awful lot of playtime in the face. That's great up to a point but even the best games can eventually become a repetitive grind and three videogames masquerading as one definitely has the potential to wear out its welcome.

Not to worry, according to Didier, who said at Blizzcon that the team is holding back ideas for the two follow-up expansions to ensure things stay fresh. "There's a lot of really cool unit ideas that we have that we probably could have squeezed onto one of these, but instead we wanna let them shine more in the next one - let them be a little more unique," he said. "This is an expansion, but it's the Zerg campaign or the Protoss campaign. It's not like a one-off sort of thing. It's gonna have all its unique sets."

"We're going to go back to the same planets. My hope is that we can affect those planets somehow, so if you're on Korhol in Wings of Liberty, when you return in the Zerg campaign or the Protoss, I want something radical to have happened to it or changed, whether a change in leadership or some 'Cataclysmic' event," he continued, sneaking in a reference to the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion which was also announced at Blizzcon.

"That's the sort of thing that I really dig. I love it in movies when you see a character from the original one except now he has a cool hatchet wound on his face - what happened to him?" he said. "So basically we'll put hatchet wounds on the planet. The +2 hatchet of doom!"

Source & Image: Kotaku

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