Serious Sam HD: The Supermercial Cometh

| 26 Aug 2009 14:49

Croteam has unleashed the Serious Sam Supermercial, a new video that perfectly encapsulates the tight-lipped gravitas of this very serious shooter.

Serious Sam HD is more than just a graphical update to the cult-favorite shooter from 2001. Thanks to brand-new, advanced technology you probably wouldn't understand, the game now runs at an amazing 6005 polygons per krundle, yet will be more definitionier than ever! With the ability to display over a million enemies on the screen at once, something the game can't actually do, Serious Sam HD is even better than your loveless marriage!

What more can I possibly say? This Supermercial is possibly the greatest promotional tool ever created and if it doesn't convince you that Serious Sam HD is the perfect way to fill your polygonal needs, then nothing will - and I pity you and your cold, pasgetti-less existence.

Source: G4TV

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