EGM Returning On December 1?

| 26 Aug 2009 15:27

Beloved gaming magazine EGM (aka Electronic Gaming Monthly) may be returning to publication later this year, if the words of one of the magazine's founders are to be believed.

"Plans put in motion today for EGM to return on December 1," reads a recent Twitter update from EGM founder Steve Harris.

Harris offers no explanation of what sort of plans are now in motion or in what form the magazine would return, but given that EGM folded only eight months ago, it isn't entirely beyond the realm of possibility that many of EGM's former employees could be convinced back into the fold once this new iteration starts coming together.

Then again, as a staunch supporter of the new wave of electronic media, I must stare down my nose gravely at any plans Harris might have to resurrect EGM as an actual, tangible magazine. There's a good reason it failed back in January, and unless I missed Zeus calling print media back from its grave to rescue his daughter, I don't think a second attempt would fare any better.

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