Champions Online Sells Out of Lifetime Subscriptions

| 26 Aug 2009 16:30

Apparently lots of people are ready to commit to Champions Online for the rest of their lives, because Cryptic's superhero MMOG has sold out of lifetime subscriptions.

Are you so excited for Champions Online that you'd be willing to take a dive into the deep end and drop $200 for a lifetime subscription and some bonus goodies? That's like the videogame consumerism equivalent of a drunken Vegas marriage. Well apparently a lot of people were caught up by the allure of never having to pay a subcription fee ever again, because Cryptic has sold out of its allotment of lifetime subscriptions.

How do you sell out of subscriptions? Well for Cryptic it was really just a pre-order promotion of sorts, a limited time only discount deal that was supposed to last until September 1. As you may notice, it is not yet September 1, but the deal is no longer available, and neither is the six-month subscription discount. This is something people who were hoping to get their hands on these offers are upset about.

"It was never our intention to spring that news on our fans or anyone else," Cryptic said. "In short, we had an allotment of special subscription packages to sell over a fixed time (ending September 1). When we began approaching the offer cap before the date cap, we had to message. Frankly, we never suspected our special offers to be so popular."

The lifetime subscription cost a one-time-only $200 and came with a special costume set, some exclusive in-game items and access to the Star Trek Online beta. Guess this model is actually a lot more viable than I personally would have expected it to be - maybe we'll see more MMOGs in the future adopting it.

[Via IncGamers]

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