UPDATE: 250GB Xbox 360 Spotted on (And Pulled From) Amazon

| 28 Aug 2009 11:21

The listing of a 250GB Xbox 360 on Amazon Germany has sparked new rumors about an upcoming high-end 360 model that might hit shelves before Christmas.

Well, it was almost inevitable, don't you think? With the rumors about the price-slashed PS3 Slim and the price-slashed 360 Elite proven true, it was only a matter of time before the internet served up a brand-new juicy rumor to dissect. In this case, the rumor revolves around a brand-new 250GB Xbox 360 bundle that was spotted on Amazon Germany by Engadget.

The bundle in question would offer up a heretofore-unseen 250GB 360, two wireless controllers, and Forza Motorsports 3, all for 279 Euros (£245/$397) - 30 Euros over the current price of the Elite. It was, of course, quickly taken down, but the proof remains online via screenshots (you can't hide from the 'net, Amazon!) Though no release date was listed, CVG points out that Forza 3 hits Europe on October 27, so... make of that what you will.

Amazon Germany hasn't been very good about this sort of thing, either - it had a listing for the PS3 Slim 20 days before the announcement (with the same Amazon Stock Identification Number as it has now in its official release, no less), so that lends a bit of support to the idea that this is real. On the other hand, practically everyone leaked the PS3 Slim before its announcement.

Now that the Elite is the new Pro and the Pro is being phased out, it would stand to reason that Microsoft might be looking to capitalize on a high-end 360 to replace the Elite (even if it is just an Elite with a bigger hard drive, as far as we can tell). Maybe this one will come with HDMI cables.

Update: Via Joystiq: The 250GB Xbox 360 "Super Elite" has been spotted in South Africa, too.

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