Fallout 3 Adventure Game Comes to the Real World

| 3 Sep 2009 14:50

Reign of Grelok, the game-within-a-game text adventure from Fallout 3, is now available as a Flash game, giving old-time gamers and Fallout completionists the chance to check it out without having to fight their way to Hubris Comics first.

If you played close attention to Fallout 3 then you might have seen this already: One of the terminals in the offices of Hubris Comics contains a beta version of Reign of Grelok, a text adventure that was intended to help launch the company's Hubris Software venture. The game was fully playable, although quite small, and in the fine tradition of beta software even contained a small glitch. But, since it was available on only one computer in one building in the game, a lot of players - most, probably - missed out on it.

But no more! Thanks to the Flash programming talents of one Chris Marjason, Reign of Grelok is now available in all its admittedly brief glory to anyone, even people who don't feel like having to deal with a prelude of raiders and supermutants. Some minor changes have been made; the game uses a point-and-click interface with preset commands rather than the text parser of the original and the bug that appeared in the "real" beta has been eliminated. But it's completely true to form otherwise, even maintaining the familiar Fallout 3 green monochrome display.

There are no rewards or bonuses given for playing the game; it's a simple homage to classic adventures like Zork and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and an interesting curiosity for players who stumble upon it. And if, like me, you didn't, now's your chance: Fire it up and kill a few minutes at

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