Arkham Asylum Gets Free DLC Next Week

| 8 Sep 2009 15:14

Craving some more content from the Caped Crusader's latest and greatest videogame adventure? Look for some DLC in the coming weeks, and look for it to come for free.

Batman: Arkham Asylum seems to have won over quite a few folks out in gaming land, but the thing about gamers is that if you give them something they like, they'll just ask for more of it. Unfortunately Rocksteady Studios can't give us a sequel to Arkham Asylum just this moment - they're still not sure if people like it enough to warrant it (hint: they do) - but what they can give us is some DLC.

There's already been a steady influx of supplemental content for Arkham Asylum in the form of those pre-order bonus challenge rooms, but Rocksteady has some more planned. According to a message on the news ticker at the bottom of the game's main menu, new downloadable content is due to drop nine days from today, on September 17th.

The best part, obviously, is that the content will be free. What'll it entail? Well, since it's free probably nothing too substantial. Maybe some more challenge rooms, maybe something else along those lines. An alternate Adam West costume for Batman? No, there would be too much money to be made from that to give it away for nothing.

[Via Joystiq]

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