Natal In Halo Will Only Happen If It "Makes Sense"

| 10 Sep 2009 13:26

Worried that you'll be flailing your arms around like a goon to fire your Assault Rifle in Halo: Reach? Don't get too paranoid yet: Microsoft says that it'll only incorporate motion controls "when it makes sense."

Though Bungie studio president Harold Ryan said back in June that he "absolutely" thought Halo: Reach could make use of Microsoft's everything-sensing Natal technology, don't count on it as a sure thing. Though Microsoft undoubtedly wants to show off all the motion sensing magic they've whipped up with Natal, the company says that if Natal shows up in Halo, it won't be just a gimmick.

"A lot of people are interested in what Natal's presence in Halo's going to be. We are committing to only doing it when it makes sense," Microsoft Game Studios' Alex Cutting, a producer on Halo 3: ODST, said. "We are not going to produce a gimmicky feature that just takes advantage of motion controls when it doesn't feel right."

Cutting said that if there's an opportunity to use Natal, "we will definitely investigate it. If it's fun we will leave it in the game. But further than that, I can't tell you any specific plans."

Even if Natal doesn't make it into Reach (for some reason I have the feeling that it will), Cutting still feels there's something to be said for the idea of motion controls in FPS.

"I think FPS, there's a lot to be said for dual stick control," Cutting said. "But, you know, before dual sticks came around and before Halo: Combat Evolved established it on a console, people were pretty doubtful about that, that it could ever move from keyboard and mouse. So we've seen it already form one control scheme to another. I'm not going to bet against Natal."

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