LucasArts Unveils Platform Dreamscape of Lucidity

| 11 Sep 2009 18:04

LucasArts has taken a break from its busy schedule of whoring out Star Wars to unveil Lucidity, a surreal and relaxing dream-based puzzle platformer that's kind of like Lemmings on valium and LSD. At the same time.

First thought: Pretty!

Second thought: Man, I want to save this to a handheld and watch it when I go to bed. This game looks relaxing as all hell.

Anyway, perhaps calling Lucidity a platformer is a misnomer, since when you think about it, you're not actually doing any of the platforming - the computer controls main character Sofi's actions as she traverses through these surreal dreamscapes and moments of imagination. For the player, it's more of a puzzle game, as you'll need to drop items and platforms in front of her in order to get her from Point A to Point B safely.

I'm not going to lie, as gorgeous as this game looks (and check out the artwork over at Offworld) it also looks kind of dull and sleepy. But perhaps later levels will be slightly more challenging - one can hope, anyway.

Lucidity is being developed by the team behind the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island and will be hitting PC and Xbox Live. The official release can be found here.

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