Tron Legacy Game Pretty Much Confirmed

| 14 Sep 2009 00:09

The writer and producer of Tron Legacy has confirmed that there will be a tie-in game.

Back in 1982, Stephen Lisberger's Tron was a little ahead of its time and fell very much into the niche of 'cult classic'. Its sequel, Tron Legacy, which got a lot of people excited with its trailer/concept footage, should fare a little better now that computer effects are a little more common.

A tie-in game is probably not going to hurt either and Lisberger, who is serving as producer and writer for the sequel, has all but confirmed that a Tron Legacy game is in the works. After speaking to Lisberger at Disney's D23 Expo, Latino Review reported:

"Steven did confirm that yes, there IS a video game in the works by Disney Interactive. He said he wasn't sure if he should mention it or not, but he's confirming it anyway."

So that means that there will be a game based on the sequel to a movie that was kind of about games, which is probably philosophical in some way. What's interesting is trying to figure out what kind of game it's actually going to be. Tron Legacy has an aesthetic unlike any other movie that I can think of, and it seems to deserve more than a quick cash-in third person action-adventure game.

One thing's for sure though, we're going to get to ride those awesome looking lightcycles.

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