Magic Wand Will Control Your Television

| 15 Sep 2009 20:26

This gadget will make you feel like a wizard as you tune in to the latest episode of Gossip Girl.

Those that believe a television is a magical machine now have the perfect remote control to back up their strange belief. The Kymera Magic Wand looks like magical tool right out of Harry Potter, but is really a functional television remote control.

While the Magic Wand may sound juvenile in nature, it is anything but a simple piece of technology. The Magic Wand is completely buttonless and can learn up to 13 infrared code functions from multiple remote controls at once. These functions are then enacted with various wand gestures: flicking up, down, left, and right, pushing forward and back, tapping, and a big swish. Using the wand seems like it could be even more complicated than using Sixaxis controls to play Lair, but the wand thankfully comes with a practice mode that will give pulsing feedback to let you know if you've performed a gesture properly.

The Magic Wand comes in a lovely little box upholstered with Chinese silk brocade and covered with "faux dragonhide." It is priced at £49.95 (about $82) with free shipping in the UK, but the first shipment will be pre-order only. Pre-orders will be taken up to October 1. I've never had a desire to live the life of Harry Potter (that Lord Voldemort makes it rough), but this is definitely a fun piece of technology I would be purchasing if I had an extra $82 burning a hole in my wallet.

Via: Geekologie

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