Fallout 3 DLC Fans Rewarded With Free Theme

| 16 Sep 2009 14:33

If you purchased Fallout 3 and all of its downloadble content, you've stuffed $110 in Bethesda's pockets. To thank you for your generosity, the company is issuing a free premium Xbox 360 dashboard theme.

It certainly seems like a nice gesture (given that the only other way to acquire the theme will set you back $3), but those fans who purchased the Fallout 3 Game of the Year package in an effort to consolidate all that excess data are out of luck. According to Bethesda, this theme is only for those truly devoted fans who have forked over the most cash.

Actually, it sounds a lot less sinister coming from Fallout 3 game director Todd Howard. "This is something we've been asked about a lot and we're happy to finally be able to bring it to fans as a small token of our appreciation," he says.

If you're eligible, keep an eye out for a token offering the download beginning October 1.

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