Infinity Ward Pokes Fun at Bobby Kotick

| 18 Sep 2009 14:36

Infinity Ward apparently does not fear the wrath of their supreme overlord Bobby Kotick, because the company subtly poked a little fun at the Activision CEO at a recent Modern Warfare 2 event.

There are some brave souls at Infinity Ward, I have to admit. If they're willing to rib Bobby Kotick - even in the most barely noticeable and super-subtle way - they've got to have some hearts of iron.

You might remember earlier this week when Mr. Kotick decided to make himself even more transparently hate-able by saying some pretty crazy stuff during a presentation at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference. He made clear that he has designed his company to treat employees so that it "really rewards profit and nothing else," which okay, dude's running a business, so that's not surprising. But then Kotick said some somewhat creepy stuff, describing how he maintains a company culture that is grounded in feelings of "skepticism, pessimism and fear."

Kotick thinks that's appropriate considering our current economic condition, but what ever happened to a happy worker is a good worker?

I'm guessing the folks at Inifnity Ward (otherwise known as I-Dub) are happy enough, because they don't seem to be skeptical, pessimistic or fearful, certainly not of Kotick. During a presentation at a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer press event, community manager Robert Bowling showed off the game's custom class selection menu, which included three classes he possibly created named Skepticism, Pessimism and Fear.

Fear, apparently, carries an M4A1, a rocket launcher, two flash grenades, Tactical Insertion and Perks for increased melee distance, easier Killstreaks and "full resupply from dead enemies."

Do you see this, Bobby Kotick? These people are not afraid. At least until you give them a personal phone call and scare the living bejeezus out of them, they are not afraid.

[Via NeoGAF, Joystiq]

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