Monkey Island 2 Environments Recreated Using CryEngine

| 21 Sep 2009 23:47

The Monkey Island series may have already taken the leap to 3D, but not quite like this.

Artist Hannes Appell posted two videos on YouTube recently here and here demonstrating a technique to accurately recreate a 2D scene from Monkey Island 2 in 3D using basic camera projection. He has now posted a new video, shown here, of those environments and more dropped into the CryEngine Sandbox editor.

Though the technique is probably not quite as easy as the videos make it appear to be, it is quite amazing anyway. 2D concept art is projected onto 3D geometry, rather than repainting the background art. The environments were built in Maya, refined for real-time use, and exported to the CryEngine Sandbox editor.

But, Monkey Island 2's environments weren't just recreated here, Appell also demonstrates a real character existing within them. Though the character is generic, it could easily be skinned to look like everyone's favorite Threepwood. The character is shown picking up various objects, such as bananas, oranges, and chickens, and using them to interact with the environment. I would probably stop feeding bananas to El Pollo Diablo, though.

Via: GameSetWatch

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