Catch Both Escapist Pokemon Quizzes!

| 28 Sep 2009 09:00

Can you answer ten questions about a boy, his electric mouse, and a whole lot of games?

It seems like every time we pop into The Escapist's IRC channel, people are talking about Pokemon. Take a quick look around the forums and you'll find more than one thread discussing this long-running series about oh-so-cute pocket monsters and their trainers. It seems that you folks know quite a bit about Pokemon. Care to put it to the test?

If you're not a devout Pokefan, you may want to stick to our Normal Pokemon Quiz, which is tailored for the more casual player. If you've ever had a serious discussion about assembling a dream Poketeam, however, you may want to give the Impossible quiz a try. Or just take both. We don't judge.

Both quizzes draw from both the Pokemon games and the anime series and, as usual, you are being timed. You can take as long as you like, but your time will affect your position on the leaderboard.

Good luck!

Our thanks to Sevre90210, who helped create these quizzes!

Got a quiz of your own you'd like to submit? Send it to [email protected]. If we use it, you'll receive a special badge! Please be sure to put "Quiz" as the subject and include your forum name with your submission.

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