Plants vs. Zombies: The Live Action Music Video

| 25 Sep 2009 14:52

What could possibly be cuter than the animated video for the Plants vs. Zombies song? A live action version of the same thing!

PopCap released the music video starring some plants and some zombies on April 1 to promote the May release of Plants vs. Zombies, its latest brand of ridiculously popular casual crack. The video featured both sides of the eternal conflict between vegetative life and decaying undeath singing and dancing to a simple, catchy tune about the zombies on the lawn and the plants who wish they'd just go away. Hey, it's a casual game from PopCap; were you expecting Thriller?

Anyway, cute as it was (and as you'd expect from PopCap, it was awfully cute), a live-action homage currently making the rounds might just outdo it. It's not a frame-by-frame translation, of course, but there's a plant, some zombies and the same upbeat song that made the original so memorable.

Now I admit that "cute" is subjective and some people might argue that this is really just kind of weird, but hey, stop being so damn cynical. It's cute!

via: GameCulture

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