Week In Review

| 10 Oct 2009 02:00

The Week In Review: It restricts blood flow to your legs. This week, Thought Police, Star Wars, Terrorism, Sony and Parachute Pants.

Do Your Bit, Join The Police State Today!


Has anyone here read 1984? It's a book that get's bandied around a lot when people talk about civil liberties getting trampled on and one of the key methods of oppression used in the book is constant surveillance, both from other citizens and omnipresent cameras. Well guess what? If you live in the UK, you can recreate your favorite scenes from the book by playing Internet Eyes, and watching people going about their business in the hopes of catching someone doing something bad enough to win you big cash prizes. No, this isn't a joke. Hit the link for more details. (link)

A Lot of Little Galaxies, Closer Than You Think


We geeks are funny creatures, especially when it comes to Star Wars. If the guy who made it back in 1977 changes even a single frame, then he's touching our childhoods inappropriately. However, if the fans decide to reshoot it 15 seconds at a time however we damn well please, well that's just dandy. If you hadn't already guessed, the Star Wars Uncut project does exactly that. The whole movie, 15 seconds at a time, by fans. Hit the link for the trailer.

Cod MewTwo Trailer Angers Christian


Just a warning, there are plot details, albeit very minor ones, about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, so if you have a spoiler allergy, move to the next paragraph and consult your physician should symptoms appear. Anyway, it would appear that a writer with Christian Science Monitor has taken issue with the game's location - Washington DC - after watching the latest trailer, dubbed 'Infamy'. According to the gentleman in question, Infinity Ward ahs gone 'too far'. Hit the link to watch the trailer itself and see if you agree. (link)

Those Wacky Execs!


The PS3 is a great machine, with a lot of very playable games, but I can't help but feel that it would do a lot better if every Sony executive wasn't mad as a hatter. This time it's SCEA President Jack Tretton claiming that a win for Sony is a win for the industry. According to Tretton, Sony occupies a middle ground that its rivals simply can't emulate. (link)

DJ Vanilla Can't Touch This Hammer Baby!


Music games huh? It's all guitars and drums and stuff right? Well not DJ Hero, which as the name suggests, casts you as, well, as a DJ. What's had some people baffled though is what you'd actually be doing and what songs will be in the game. Which is were some recent gameplay videos come in, showing off some pretty sweet remixes, especially if you're my age. Hit the link so that you can hit another link to see the videos. (link)

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