Sega Confirms Alpha Protocol Delay

| 7 Oct 2009 10:02

Sega has confirmed that Alpha Protocol, the upcoming action-RPG from Obsidian, has been pushed back into 2010.

Online retailers Amazon and GameStop were the first to signal that a delay was in the offing when they changed the listed release date for Alpha Protocol from October 6 to June 2010. Sega, however, refused to acknowledge the change until the launch date arrived and its Alpha Protocol website indicated the game had been released - when it quite obviously had not. The site has now been changed to indicate a "spring 2010" release date for all three platforms.

The first signs of potential trouble with Obsidian's new spy thriller actually surfaced a couple of weeks ago when a leaked Sega document revealed that a product evaluator said the game "felt barely RPG" and that the "initial level [was] too challenging for players." Obsidian refuted those claims, naturally, suggesting the tester hadn't played enough of the game and promising that it would "tickle your RPG tastebuds" when it came out. Now, however, it's looking like there may have been more to those complaints than anyone was letting on.

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