Texas Man Finds Missile Launcher in the Woods

| 19 Oct 2009 14:27

The greatest random discovery of all time was made in the woods just outside of San Antonio, Texas last week.

As Texas resident Jarrette Schule was busy clearing trees from one of his properties last Tuesday, he spotted a green metallic tube on the ground. It turned out to be a freakin' missile launcher. This finally proves that it's actually realistic to have random weapons laying around in videogames.

The launcher was determined to be U.S. military property, and was built in 1996. It fires Dragon surface-to-surface missiles, though the particular model found was replaced by the Javelin system and discontinued in 2006. The launcher's serial number should be able to be used to track its chain of custody, so someone is definitely in some deep stuff unless it fell off the back of a truck. As of yet, the military has been either unwilling or unable to reveal when the launcher was lost or who had it last.

The property on which the missile launcher was found is vacant, so Schule thought it would be best to throw it in the back of his pickup to remove it from the scene. He took the dangerous piece of anti-tank weaponry back to his house, where he promptly took photos and updated his Facebook page with something probably similar to: "Found a missle launcher, LOL!"

There is no word on if Schule also found any health or armor packs. He probably should have poked around for a bit, because his story sounds somewhat similar to that of Shadow Complex. I wonder how something like this could have ended up in the woods, other than a secret facility being underground nearby.

Source: MySanAntonio via BoingBoing

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