Home Shopping Network Screwup Shows Importance of Wii Safety

| 19 Oct 2009 18:14

Watching some sucker throw a Wii Remote at the TV screen is funny. Watching some sucker throw a Wii Remote at the TV screen while on live television is hilarious.

I'm actually not sure if other countries have the Home Shopping Network (or something like it), but for clarity's sake: On the Home Shopping Network, people demo products and sell special bundle packages, ostensibly at better prices than you'd find at average retail. It's essentially a series of infomercials, and since it is broadcasted live, the format renders it uniquely suited to amusing bloopers.

Bloopers like the one in the video above. While attempting to sell a Wii bundle including 15 of those wacky Wii peripherals that run the gamut from Wii tennis racquets (as shown above) to ... I don't know, Wii toaster ovens. While demonstrating the system's motion control tech - and demonstrating the tennis attachment - at around 4:55, the presenter also inadvertently demonstrates just why you should use one of those protective padded sleeves on your Wii Remotes. It's cringe-worthy, but laughter-inducing all the same.

Or perhaps he just demonstrates why you shouldn't use crappy third-party peripherals for the damn thing that haven't been given the Nintendo thumbs-up. That works too.

(Via WhatTheyPlay)

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