Darth Vader Can Now Hold Your Wii

| 16 Nov 2009 19:00

Just in time for geek holiday season, an innovative Wii accessory comes out that let's everyone's favorite Sith lord hold your Wii's sensor bar.

You may have seen this pop up on the internet in the last few months, but you can now firmly place the product in the "official" category. Yep, it's "official" now.

Power A, a manufacturer of videogame accessories ranging from whimsical to essential, has (officially) announced a pretty badass product, the Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Holder. The high-density resin (whatever that means) sculpture was licensed by both Nintendo and Lucasfilm Ltd., and provides an incredible likeness of Mr. Vader holding the Wii's sensor bar as his iconic red lightsaber. The suggested retail price on the Power A website is $49.99, but it's available now at Amazon for $39.99.

I personally like how retro Vader looks. The namby-pamby teen angst of the prequels is erased from my mind when I see this Vader incarnation. This is the guy who choked admirals and killed his mentor. He's still got it.

The company promised that Darth Vader holding your sensor bar will in no way restrict your gameplay, but I'd think twice before letting the fallen Jedi look me in the eye while I game. I mean, I don't want him choking me in the middle of a round of the new Super Mario Bros. "I find your lack of power-ups disturbing."

Of course, I'm totally buying this for my Wii-owning friends. Let them be choked while we play Kart online. I need every advantage I can get.

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