Mythos Officially Back in Business

| 2 Dec 2009 21:56

The loss of Mythos was saddening for many gamers, but no worries: It's coming back in 2010.

Mythos, an online multiplayer hack-and-loot that gained quite a bit of popularity before it was shut down, has been officially re-announced for North America by new developer Redbana US. Back in May, it was revealed that the once Flagship Studios game was still in development for release worldwide, but with no specific details, so it's nice to see the game is still coming along. HanbitSoft, a Korean-based company, acquired the rights to both Mythos and Hellgate: London after Flagship Studios dissolved, and has put development in the hands of T3 Entertainment, whose U.S. branch, Redbana US, is handling its release in the states. It's not that complicated, I swear.

Mythos was originally a free-to-play side project and networking technology test started by members of Flagship, but became more of a focus as its fan base rapidly expanded. The game kept evolving and implementing new features while allowing the audience to participate along the way. Arguably, fans were more upset about its shut-down than the much bigger budget Hellgate: London's.

For better or worse, it doesn't look like any of Mythos's former developers are working on the project anymore, with most of them now working at Runic Games on Torchlight. Though Mythos certainly has the possibility to take a turn for the worse, we at least got another good game in Torchlight out of the deal. Mythos is currently in closed beta in South Korea, and hopefully in good hands, though just how the "reborn" version of the game will be different or similar to the original version hasn't been revealed yet.

Mythos is expected to release in North America in 2010, but the included new trailer shows an interface with a lot of Korean, so it might not be wise to expect it too early. Follow Mythos' progress and read about its backstory at the game's official website.

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