Save Middle Earth and Take The Lord of the Rings Quizzes

| 7 Dec 2009 09:00

Lord of the Rings Online released The Siege of Mirkwood expansion last week so we thought we'd treat you with two quizzes about everything set in Middle Earth.

For many of us dorks, Tolkien's seminal work was the introduction to a lifetime fascination with elves, dwarves, and acquiring fancy magic items. How many times have you read the books? Seen the movies? Played the games?

This week's quizzes draw questions from anything that uses Middle Earth as a setting. As per usual, the normal quiz is geared more towards those who've seen the Peter Jackson trilogy or tried LOTRO, but the Impossible quiz is for serious fans only. You know, the people who can speak in Sindarin and can list every descendant of Aragorn going back to the Fall of Numenor.

That's right, hardcore.

Protect yourself from the Nazgul, and save the Middle Earth by throwing the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom (and take the quiz.)

(Take the Normal Quiz)
(Take the Impossible Quiz)

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