The Escapist Content Coming to Boxee

| 9 Dec 2009 14:00

The Escapist and Boxee team up to bring all your favorite videos from The Escapist to your big screen.

Boxee, developer of the first "social" media center, has just announced its premier partnership with The Escapist to bring all The Escapist videos directly to your TV or home network, free of charge.

Boxee plays media from your computer and other devices in your home network, as well as connect you to various Internet sources that allow you to stream or download movies, TV shows, music and photos. On Monday, December 7th, Boxee staff unveiled the Boxee Beta, which provides a massive upgrade to the software and adds a couple of features to make your viewing, searching and sharing pleasure even easier. Boxee also announced they will be launching their own Boxee Box, which gives you access to movies and TV, in addition to more scholarly fare like university courses, panel discussions, academic lectures, presentations and more.

The Boxee Beta will be live to test at this year's Consumer Electronic Show beginning on January 7th but if you would like to try out the alpha click here or sign up for your chance to be a Beta tester here. The Escapist Channel is only in the Beta at the moment, but if you sign up for the alpha now, you should be able to get a Beta invite. Within the next 4 weeks, Boxee will be giving out Beta invitations to those that sign up and then releasing the software upgrade to the alpha testers.

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