Activision Supports Independent Retailers

| 28 Dec 2009 17:38

Publishing monolith Activision regards independent game stores as key pillars in its business model, and is willing to splash some cash to support them.

Activision has teamed up with games distributor Centresoft in a £30,000 giveaway to independent UK game retailers. Under the 'Promote and Devote' scheme, stores would get point of sale material for DJ Hero and a £300 prize for participating

"Indies are historically key in demonstrating new products, such as the Hero franchise in-store," said Margaret Pearson, Centresoft's commercial director. "Together with their in-depth product knowledge and marketing support provided by Activision, this should be a very successful campaign."

"The independents are a key strategic part of our business due to their unrivalled customer access and service being first rate evangelists for the Activision Blizzard business," said Activision's senior director of sales Roy Stackhouse. "In-store visibility is critical to the success of the Herofranchise and we have seen some of the best in-store and online displays at indies."

It's hardly surprising that the Promote and Devote campaign is more about promoting Activision products than supporting independent retailers - after all, £300 isn't going to stretch particularly far - but I suppose every little helps.

Source: MCV UK

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