Burglar Caught Playing Victim's DS

| 30 Dec 2009 17:32

Pro Tip for aspiring thieves: If you have to break into somebody's house, make sure you leave instead of sitting down to play their DS.

Look, I know how addictive Puzzle Quest can be, but there are times when you just shouldn't be playing the DS. For example, if the DS isn't yours, and in fact belongs to the person you're currently robbing: A 22-year-old woman who lived in Joliet, Illinois, came back home from running a short errand, and when she opened the door an intruder ran out, fleeing in fear of being discovered.

The victim's bedroom had been ransacked, and her iPod Touch had been stolen - but her Nintendo DS was still there, and it was on. "It appears the suspect had been playing it," said Deputy Chief Mike Trafton, though he didn't mention what game the intruder had been tooling around in.

It's a curiosity, then: If the intruder remembered to take the iPod, why not grab the DS, too? Ah well, the world may never know.

Am I the only one who finds it a pity that this didn't in fact take place in Florida so that the guy could be investigated by the same cops who were found playing the Wii during a drug raid? The irony would be delicious.

(Herald News via Kotaku)

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