Robot Hand Is Agile and Slightly Creepy

| 30 Dec 2009 18:01

Some robot hands are fast, but others, like the one seen in the video, are incredibly dexterous.

Created by British robotics firm Shadow Robot Company, the Shadow C5 Dextrous Hand, as it's more properly known, features 40 air muscles, and can be equipped with sensors that allow it to detect things as small as a coin. The hand can screw and unscrew a lightbulb without breaking it, and has a light enough touch that it can stroke a person under the chin without hurting them, which is creepy as hell when you see it.

Now, forgive me for being reactionary here, but the only thing that saved us in the secret robot wars of the seventies was that the robots' hands were too clumsy to use our weapons. If this sort of thing catches on, then Samus have mercy on our souls...

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